Nobody is chasing me. It seems to be a rather profound awareness this morning in my body. I don’t have to run anymore. Nobody is chasing me. I can be in stillness, plant the flowers and watch them grow. I take a deep breath. I can be happy. I can laugh. I don’t have to run anymore. Nobody is chasing me. I can relax. Hear me now. I don’t have to run anymore. No one is chasing me.

If you see me as introspective, heavy or unhappy, then you are not really seeing me. There’s so much to learn looking inward. And in so many ways there’s nothing to learn, nothing interesting, outside of oneself. To me that’s something to share with other people, to show them the way out.

My body is tired this morning from being wound up so tight all week. My body has been preparing itself for a transformation within. In many ways it is really tough and I am feeling so unsettled, but that’s OK. I actually crave this feeling. That’s how I got here, to this moment where I have RESISTANCE. That leverage to blow the doors off of what’s coming up. To make way for change. That fire to move through… that slow burn that happens inside and puts me on edge. I’m not sleeping right, I’m not thinking right and I’m ready to explode at any moment. It’s an inner fire that starts building to transmute an energy that lets me live with a bit more clarity. Sensing the resistance with a little more understanding until the truth, ugly or beautiful, comes forth. And I can say, Ahh.. yes,, I get that now. Wow! My belt loosens a notch. My body starts humming with satisfaction of being in the flow. The river is flowing….the massive river of change is flowing.

I don’t have to run for my life any more. Nobody is chasing me. I’m not alone. I found my way back home to connection. And with that connection I find an ability to know myself. To love myself. To want more for myself. And as I move through the world learning to love outwardly, I learn to love myself more on the inside. I heal those wounds, I tap into my own consciousness to understand my likes and wants. Only connected to myself can I understand what I’m longing for. It’s like a conversation that happens between two beings and I found the part of me that wants to talk. A huge celebration!

I’m celebrating myself coming home because I know now that I don’t have to run for my life… .because nobody’s chasing me. And it doesn’t matter if they ever were. It matters that now I know. No one is chasing me. I AM safe. I AM Source. I AM Love.

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