We’re locked into our minds. Until we can flow we’re locked in. We’re barely in our bodies. And when we’re not in our bodies, the Soul is not able to be a part of our story, our lives. At least not yet, but it will be. The Soul has a story to live, to tell. Without the embodiment of the Soul we’re missing out on the wholeness of life. The essence. The Quintessence. The essence of the essence of the essence.

To connect to the Soul we must first start dismantling the false self. Find that desire to live beyond the veils. To listen to our internal guidance. To journey beyond the stories our minds tell us and beyond the victimhood of life, to life. The beauty is that we are given what we are able to process at that time, so we may continue to move forward.. This is the journey. The steps towards living our authentically True Self and into a loving relationship with the Soul. This can be confusing, so go beyond the words and ride the mystery, and follow your guidance. Sit back, relax, and know that you are ready to choose the opportunity to ride the magic carpet. Let it fly free!

My healing, as all healing, comes from within. It’s not always enjoyable, but it’s necessary and it’s beautiful. We are beings with the capacity to heal ourselves. The capacity to choose wholeness. Instead of living from this place of wounded emotions, walls and boundaries we can choose to move beyond. Through to the other side that offers a new experience of life, of healing and self empowerment.

Some things are not explainable. Some things your mind can not process. You must travel through the pain and embody the Soul. Do the best you can do every day. Begin your journey. Dismantle! You’ll gain momentum, get some traction and one day you’ll find yourself in your love. In your Essence. In your Quintessence. In the essence of the essence of the essence.

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