Last month I found myself misunderstood and unable to communicate in a way that would bring the clarity I was looking for. I have always called in clarity, but it is authentic clarity that I crave. I believe that authentic clarity brings further depth and meaning to what I’m seeking. Clarity about anything and everything that touches my tuning fork that vibrates so deep it reaches my Soul.

Unbeknownst to me, my little slice of heaven on earth – a view of nature in full bloom outside my apartment window – was bulldozed while I was on a business trip just days earlier. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me, but mostly my heart hurt. I knew I was living in a gold mine and talked about my own little piece of paradise whenever anyone would visit. In the shock of this new and unpleasant development, I talked to the building management a few times. They were very apologetic in their responses, but they didn’t have the answers I was seeking.

As someone that looks at everything and everyone who passes through or has longevity in my life as an offering for growth, I try to never take a single interaction for granted. No way, there is just too much juicy life to be explored in the ups and downs and even the stuff that goes sideways! The problem is, once I get triggered or feel misunderstood, I get that sinking feeling of familiar disappointment. Although I choose my words carefully, that negative feeling grows and expands. I exaggerate the scenario minutes, hours or days later into something far beyond the experience.

My initial reaction to this disruption and change to my homelife was that I would have to find a new place to live immediately; there was no way I could continue to enjoy my living space. But instead, I decided to take a couple of days and think about this situation calmly. I was then able to see that I needed to sit down and write a letter bullet-pointing the information I needed answers to. This would allow Management to address my questions directly and allow us both the opportunity to be clear in our communications.

In my ability to be authentically clear with myself and what questions I needed to ask, I was able to receive the answers and support I was looking for. And not only me, but my neighbors in the building as well. One of the things that became very clear to me was that the construction wasn’t happening to me, it was simply happening and I was being affected….as were all the other tenants. My authentic clarity presented itself and supported me to understand what I was looking for. My soul responded and gave me all the knowing tenderness and connection with myself.

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