For most of my life the flow of source energy has been limited. This is said from a place of separation, but let’s face it, most of us start from here. So let’s use this knowledge to support our magical journey. We’ll prop up the beautiful mirror of reflection and put my experience out into the world so that we can all grow and flow.

In this moment I am, for the first time, understanding that when Self Love flows I’ve always consciously (and unconsciously) clamped this energy down. As I am in this amazing, open-hearted space with my guidance and energy flowing through my body, I feel the sensation of opening up. It’s a giving of oneself. This makes us vulnerable and I think I was trying to defend my body by shutting and clamping down.

In this new and immediate desire to open up and give, feeling safe in my relationship with my body, I was really overwhelmed. There was a part of me still saying, “I’m not ready.” In truth, I’ve been hearing those words in the last few days and I hadn’t been successful in understanding what would make me ready. But in this flow I could completely open up and this time say, “I am ready.” In my light body, my physical body and my crystalline core there’s a lot of energy rolling in many directions at once. In this there’s Oneness.

It’s a fiercely beautiful receiving. As I start to move in this energy I again hear “I’m not ready.” I always want to honor those spaces within me, but at the same time, I can feel that connection with roots going through my core – all the way to the connection of love from Mother Earth. There is also a coming home of the Soul. The Seat of the Soul I’ve heard it called. The embodiment of the Soul and Source energy. It’s flowing from the Crown, opening up to the Central Sun and running through my body. I feel the connection to the Heart of Mother Earth and embrace this energy running through me. It’s an amazing energy that flows powerfully. My body moves and spirals and I am able to see my crystalline core. I am experiencing this connection of Oneness. Trust. Love.

It’s so overpowering, and yet it’s beautiful! When you’re in Oneness and you feel what it is to truly receive. The receiving and the giving. There is such a beautiful synchronicity in the flow. In the back and forth and in the coming together. I welcome this energy and let it flow organically. Just opening myself up and accepting. Telling the Universe with an open heart that I desire to receive. That I desire this intimacy between us… let the floodgates open and allow. I just sit back receive. It’s my time. I am willing and accepting. I ask for Devine guidance to allow the Oneness to flow through me. I am one with the source energy.

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