There is a whole



And it’s waiting for

Do you feel like you’re missing something, but you can’t put your finger on it?

You may say to yourself…

“I’ve been working on this issue for SO LONG but it never goes away.”

“I should be really happy, but there’s this part of me that feels so lonely (or sad).”

“I really want to open my heart to experience more love in my life.”

You are exhausted trying to think your way out of this place.

There IS a way out…

When you journey within, you can:


Tap into your new awareness of Self Love and allow it to guide your day even when the road is bumpy


Hold a new perspective without having to try too hard


Replace old emotions with new ones so you are able to shift and grow

So, let’s dive deeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do any special preparation for my session?

Most enjoy the comfort of their couch or bed, but some prefer to be outside in nature where they sit or lay down.

Will I be in a hypnotic state? Will I be aware of my surroundings?

It’s possible that you will become so relaxed during your experience that you are not fully focused on what’s around you.

Are our sessions recorded?

Yes. I will send you a Dropbox link to the recording within 24 hours of our session.

Is there any type of aftercare that I should practice once our session is done?

It is recommended that you take 10 minutes to sit with your experience and process any emotions or thoughts that you are having. After a session it is recommended that you take a moment to make sure that you feel grounded.

Will I experience any kind of physical release or detox as a result of this work?

Yes. When working at this depth, it is possible you may experience physical release and/or detox. It is important to listen to your body and take the time to rest if needed.

Will I have any homework after our session?

Keep in mind Life REALLY is a journey within. I offer you the opportunity to listen to the feedback of your exploration and inventory all the artifacts of love and beauty. Your mental commentary changes and your mood lifts if you’re paying attention. That’s not homework, that’s Innerwork. The good stuff!!

What People are Experiencing

It is my life’s passion to help facilitate your UNIQUE JOURNEY to the core of your physical Being. To the LOVE that you are! Whether you’re just beginning, or you have been journeying for some time now, I’m here to support you as Lovingly and Passionately as I’ve supported my own journey for over a decade.

I offer my intuitive connection that will help propel you into an experience of LOVE. This supported experience boosts your ability to directly access the loving energy that you are. You will connect within and experience your quiet, healing presence that will soothe you to the core of your being.

I know that LOVE is forever emanating out from the core of our bodies and that LOVE is our refined essence, our quintessence. It’s my mission to support everyone who wants to be CONSCIOUS of this Loving flow that we are and learn that it’s our choice to live in it.

In True Love.

Email me so we can set up a session to help you realize a more integrated, vibrant and evolved you.

Adventure of the Heart: Individual Session

Are you looking for a foothold to help you take that next step and make a meaningful change to your life?

Discover a deeper awareness and growth to be able to love the way you’ve always wanted to. Explore your full potential by paving the way to a positive journey forward.

Embrace yourself within and schedule your individual session!

Length: 40 to 45 minutes

Price: $111
(includes a recording of your session and a personal 20 minute follow-up phone call)

Beautiful Being: Coaching

Are you ready to embrace a more positive way of life?

An Intuitive Coaching Session offers insight into what is actually creating discord in your life. In other words, we go beyond the symptom and witness the core of the problem.

Going deeper, we begin to resolve the energy behind the core of the past wound so that both the core and the symptom energy can dissolve. This frees up energy that can be recreated and resourced to spark focus and clarity resulting in a more authentic expression.

Length: 45 minutes

Price: $111
(includes a recording of your session)

Journey Into Love: Weekly Group Sessions

Looking for a way to keep your motivation throughout the week?

Invigorate your Being with a weekly group session recording. Maintain a regular connection to realize balance and stillness within yourself.

The perfect way to receive consistent insight and inspiration. Join our weekly group session today!

Length: 20 to 30 minutes

Price: $20/session or $75/four sessions
(includes a weekly session recording)

Everything is Of YOU as YOU are Everything

It takes giving ourselves the right, the opportunity, to create the necessary conditions to allow change to take place within ourselves.

Turn inward and explore who we really are. Who we are ready to express as in the world.

Be free to go home to ourselves in the time of great caring and self-love.

“Olivia guided me through an ‘Adventure of the Heart’ experience. With the guidance, I was able to expand my heart and that area larger than I was ever able to do before. And we had fun while she helped me tap into previously hidden colors, vibrations, and toning. Using her suggestion to explore and continue to have fun, I have begun to use these tools to learn more about my heart and the ‘essential’ me. Thank you, Olivia!” – Christine Fietzer

“My reading with Olivia was amazing and transformative. Before my reading, I was struggling with small ailments I felt were holding me back from my otherwise positive momentum.

With Olivia’s support, I journeyed through space and time to meet my 2 year-old self. He had been the one who created and held on to these ailments in order to (in his young mind) help my mother feel useful and in control.

Olivia guided me through a conversation with my Little Scott, which eventually led to me bringing him back to the present moment along with his interesting individuality. This happy reunion was a very deep and meaningful experience.

Now I feel like that child part of me is safe, and is enjoying being with me. I’m working on integrating him into my adult life. Thanks to Olivia I’m embracing that individuality I brought back and finally understanding the value in expressing the full me.” – Scott Hall, Intuitive/Channel

“My session with Olivia was just what I needed to help heal and integrate after a big life transition. I was held and saturated in loving grounding energy, and shown how to access this energy whenever I needed to on my own. I emerged from our session refreshed and uplifted. Thank you, Olivia, for assisting me on my healing journey! Our time together was invaluable!” – Elisabeth Bullard, Artist

“My time spent with Olivia is probably best described as an ‘adventure of the soul.’ That was one of the ways she described it and I think it is pretty true.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I just went along with her gentle cues. At one point, I forgot I was even on the phone. During the entire experience I felt truly held up and supported by Olivia. Even though I couldn’t really explain what was going on at that moment I felt absolutely safe. There is no way to do it ‘right’ or ‘wrong.’

After the session was over, I realized I had really processed some old things I was holding and I realized that there is a way to process outside of talk therapy. That feeling really blew my mind. I feel like I could have talked for years with my therapist and not uncovered what I was holding on to subconsciously. It really was a special and beautiful experience.” – Darcy Schneider

“I had a truly amazing experience with Olivia. I chose to have my reading at a location that is special and sacred for me. I’ve always had beautiful, insightful experiences there and always felt closer to my team there, but this experience was a little different. Without any particular agenda I internally requested to hear from a certain presence. During the reading I felt at great peace and felt the connection to my surroundings on a much deeper level, almost like I felt myself dissolve into nature. I sincerely believe that Olivia helped to facilitate that deeper connection that I’ve never quite been able to reach on my own. It was shortly after the reading was over when I was sitting quietly in that space that something really amazing happened. My thoughts were not on anything in particular as my eyes landed on an object that caught my eye, and instantly the messages started flowing, almost through me but not originating from me. They were very clear, loving messages coming through effortlessly. It really was a very deeply beautiful experience. Thank you, Olivia.” – Sidney Pearson

“During my Adventures of the Heart session with Olivia, I experienced a profound sense of peace, stillness, and knowing that defies words. I was reminded of a favorite quote by T.S. Eliot, ‘We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ Olivia and I have never met in person, and our session was conducted by phone, but she was able to tap into a sacred space within my soul and the soul of my ancestors that existed long before we started naming things. Experiencing this session with Olivia allowed me to discover a nurturing heart centered space within myself that has always existed, but I had not known. What a gift to become acquainted with this loving, comforting presence that is with me always.” – Paula Goldman

“I deeply enjoyed my energy work with Olivia. I didn’t know what I was needing but she was able to guide me to listen to and be open to divine intervention. I felt comfortable and taken care of throughout the process and journey. She gave me space and guidance to take away what was necessary for me in that moment. I left feeling like I was on a personal pilgrimage.” – Liz, Yoga Instructor 

Interested in finding out more?

Interested in finding out more?

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